Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Set It Up So Someone Else Can Knock It Down

I just overheard a short, fun repartee between a disc jockey and a contest winner, and I learned a good lesson from it.
Disc Jockey: For the concert tickets, how sure are you that you just gave the correct and winning answer?

Caller: I am so sure, I can even put my hands up in the air and stay “Sure.”
Disc Jockey: Wait a minute was that a reference to a '90s deodorant commercial?

Caller: Sure was. I am so excited right now that I am sweating bullets.
Disc Jockey: Oh, but given how "Sure" you are the sweating is no problem for you right?

I really enjoyed this banter. The woman who was the caller made a joke, and then made a related comment setting up a punch line for the disc jockey to knock down. In the past I have always been focused on setting up my own punch lines. Not anymore though, I really liked this tactic and hope that I have the aptitude to set up these kind of exchanges for my friends.

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