Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Access All of My Writings at jared-research.com

I just created a new website where people can download all of my articles and books for free. Each of my peer reviewed scientific journal articles as well as the three books I have written are available there in PDF form. There are also links to my other writings, websites, and social media profiles. You can access this at:


You can find out about my model of working memory and consciousness, my design for superintelligent AI, and my system for self-care, Program Peace. There are links to my Google Scholar, Academia, and Research Gate. 

Monday, May 2, 2022

The Program Peace Book and App are Available Now


After over two decades of work, my book on self-care and healthy living, Program Peace, is now available. You can get your copy for free from the website: www.programpeace.com On the site it is available as a PDF or as a series of webpages. 

Alternatively, you can get it on Amazon as a hardcover, softcover, or ebook.  

The mobile app is also available now. You can get it for iPhone on the Apple App Store, or for Android on the Google Play Store. Download your copy today.




I have also launched the YouTube page which you can find here:


Take advantage of Program Peace and see how you can transform you breathing pattern and numerous other habits to support a stress-free life.